Accredited Drums Teacher

He is a professional drummer, teacher, and session musician. For over 30 years of drumming experience playing with small and big bands giging across USA, Canada, and Australia, in live performances such as. theaters, major venues, night clubs, five star hotels .etc. and has been heavily invoved in recording studios working with a wide range of artists, covering most styles including jazz, latin, funk, fusion, R&B, pop, and rock.besides ethnic world beats.

Teaching Assignments:

Tuition to all levels one to one from beginner to advanced with all aspects of modern drumming such as ( sight reading and drum techniques). are covered including..rudiments / groove /linear / polyrhythms / creativity / preparation for exams and grades / play-along tracks.. plus many more……drum lessons will be giving in comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and enjoyable for learning with soundproof room..

Drumset method books contain a lots of good materials to develop a young drummer’s skills. But there’s a gap between nailing four bar patterns in a drum book and playing drums in a band. So since I play and teach piano as second instrument, my students and I jam together, which provides fun and valuable musical experience.


1. Drumming from top to bottom complete course

2. Drum charts for backing tracks designed for beginner to intermediate and advanced levels

3. CPM drum kit courses by AMEB from advancing step 1-4 and many more

Available Schedules: 

Monday – 3:00PM -8:30PM

Tuesday – 3:00PM -8:30PM

Wednesday – 3:00PM -8:30PM

Thursday – 3:00PM -8:30PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 3:30PM


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